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Weekly message audio from Daybreak Community Church in Royersford, PA.

Jul 8, 2018

Guest Speaker: John Holsey

How is the church more than a steeple and the people inside? We'll be learning how Jesus originally intended the church to function.

Matthew 16: 13-20

Jul 2, 2018

Are you a chronic complainer or grumpy grumbler? No worries, we all have those days! We’ll discover how an attitude shift can turn our darkest outlooks into brighter impact!

Philippians 2:12-18.

Jun 24, 2018

How can you experience joy-filled, fun, productive, and loving relationships with others? It may have more to do with you than with them.

Philippians 2:1-11

Jun 17, 2018

Reshaping our attitudes during the high-rising pressures of life. What new life outlook can you choose? 

Philippians 1:12-30

Jun 10, 2018

Uncovering the benefits of life-giving connections with others. Who are you praying for and encouraging?

Philippians 1:1-11