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Weekly message audio from Daybreak Community Church in Royersford, PA. Join us every Sunday 9:30am at 775 W. Main St. Trappe, PA 19426 (Community Music School) 

Jun 28, 2015

Don’t squish the grapes! Learning about the spirit of gentleness and handling people and situations with care and grace. 

Matthew 11:28-30, Philippians 4:5

Fruit: Grapes

Jun 21, 2015

Faithfulness is divine repetition. It’s not just doing good. It’s doing good. It’s doing good. Discover how this fruit of faithfulness is a loop of love. Joy on repeat. A pattern of patience. Reprises of kindness. Reoccurrences of goodness.

Matthew 16:21-26

Fruit: Apples

Father’s Day

Jun 14, 2015

For goodness’ sake … we’ll explore how this fruit at its core is energized character that strategically, systematically, and prayerfully pushes back the darkness of the world so that the light of Christ can shine through.

Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 6:27-31

Fruit: Pears

Jun 7, 2015

Fruit: Oranges

More than a single, isolated action, this fruit of kindness is a constant awareness and obedience to the promptings of God’s Spirit within us to care for those around us.

Luke 6:31-36