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Weekly message audio from Daybreak Community Church in Royersford, PA. Join us every Sunday 9:30am at 775 W. Main St. Trappe, PA 19426 (Community Music School) 

Nov 25, 2018

Guest Speaker: Kent Tyson

An incredible story about people’s faith in the face of danger will leave us taking inventory of our faith in God. Do we obey God all the way? Do we believe in spite of what we see?

Daniel 3, 1 Peter 1:7

Nov 18, 2018

“You are very precious to God.” What does this mean and how does it impact my confidence for living?

Daniel 10

Nov 11, 2018

Kneeling to pray is where we find the strength to stand.

Daniel 6

Nov 4, 2018

Standing out for God requires us to make some decisions ahead of time.

Daniel 1, Ephesians 6:11,14