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Weekly message audio from Daybreak Community Church in Royersford, PA. Join us every Sunday 9:30am at 775 W. Main St. Trappe, PA 19426 (Community Music School) 

Jul 15, 2012

Guest speaker Graham Holcomb talks about our minds and how to keep them focused on the heavenly things.

Jul 8, 2012

Guest speaker Lisa Tomarelli shares with us some great tips for getting the most out of the Bible.

Jun 24, 2012

Holding a grudge is so easy for us to do and has become the norm in our society. Do you ever think about how - if given the opportunity - you could “get back” at certain people who have wronged you in the past? But what if holding a grudge is more sinister than we think? What if there is a better way to handle these...

Jun 17, 2012

Can naps & weekend getaways actually be spiritual disciplines? Communicating the importance of rest was one of the first things God did in the Bible in fact that’s what He did on the seventh day of Creation. So why have we neglected the importance of this Sabbath principle? We’ll illustrate the pattern God gives...

Jun 10, 2012

When someone disappoints you, can you choose to believe the best or are you forced to assume the worst? The Bible says, we have the power to choose our reaction - and the response we choose may make all the difference in our relationships.